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Why I Am Not a Christian: How Leaving the Faith Led to a Life of More Meaning and Purpose

Why I am Not a Christian - Webinar by Dr Bart Ehrman

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In a fascinating paradox, Dr. Bart Ehrman shares how his Christian faith caused him to relentlessly pursue a deeper understanding of the Bible, and how that pursuit led him down an unexpected path. Instead of strengthening his faith, his scholarly pursuits shook the very foundations of his belief in the inerrant Bible.  Years later, Bart would deconvert from Christianity entirely. In this free course, Bart will share never-before-told stories of his deconversion, the struggles he encountered with his Christian family and community, and how he has learned to live a deeply meaningful and ethical life without Christianity.

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This unique course goes well beyond the brilliant academic discussions for which Dr. Bart Ehrman's other courses and best-selling books are renowned. It vividly illuminates the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual struggles ingrained within a personal journey from unquestioning acceptance of the Bible as historical fact to the profoundly liberating alternative perspectives of agnosticism and atheism...

In his own words, Dr. Bart Ehrman explains how it all happened and discusses the results—for his scholarship, understanding of Jesus, the New Testament, and early Christianity. He also shares the personal impact of this transformation on social, emotional, and professional levels.

Bart Ehrman 6 New York Times Best Sellers


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This free course offers a fantastic opportunity to listen to the Q&A session -  recorded live with Dr. Ehrman - at the end of course. The Q & A session allows you to delve deeper into the thought-provoking discussions presented throughout the series and hear from Bart directly about key aspects of his personal journey

"The unexamined life is not worth living"

 ~ Socrates~ 

Dr. Ehrman's primary aim is neither to convert nor deconvert you, but rather to foster open and meaningful dialogue about the challenges he encountered during his own rigorous exploration of the Christian faith. He will share the reasons behind his departure from the faith and how this transformative journey has enriched his life. By actively exploring these topics, the course invites you to reflect thoughtfully on your own personal journey

Lecture 1: My escape from fundamentalism

Reading the Bible Again For The First Time

Forged by Dr Bart Ehrman


At the age of 15, I experienced a transformative "born again" moment that propelled me from a lukewarm faith to a devoted follower of 'hard-core' Christianity. I wholeheartedly embraced the belief in the Bible's infallibility and its teachings. My thirst to discover 'everything' led me down a path of biblical scholarship. 

Little did I know that this was the beginning of an incredible and challenging journey that would shape the trajectory of my life. As I embarked on my quest for truth, I came to realize the Bible contains contradictions, discrepancies, and historical mistakes that left me with grave doubts about the foundations of everything I believed and based my life on...

Gods Problem by Dr Bart Ehrman


Was it best to hope the problems I uncovered would simply go away? If not, was it possible to rethink what it means to 'believe' without leaving my faith? 

Not everyone goes down the path of exploring the validity of their deeply held beliefs. But the doubts I experienced as I discovered 'the truth' compelled me to confront these issues head-on. 

In this lecture I discuss why I moved away from a conservative evangelical form of belief to one I thought was more intellectually respectable and honest!

Lecture 2: leaving the faith

Going Where the Truth Leads You

How Jesus Became God by Dr Bart Ehrman


Many people in our world today believe that true Christianity requires a literal belief in every word of the Bible. However, historical scholars have long recognized the challenges and complexities within the text, yet still maintain their faith. I was among those believers for a significant period of time... 

But I came to realize that there are even more serious challenges to the Christian faith than the inerrancy of Scripture.

The ultimate issue is the existence of God himself: no God, no Christianity!

Misquoting Jesus by Dr Bart Ehrman


During my years as a conservative Christian I could (and often did) recite numerous “proofs” for God 

Later, as a liberal Christian, my view shifted to God not needing 'proof' like a mathematical equation or scientific law. Like so much else about human life, faith wasn't based on math or science...

However after years of contemplation, my faith in God crumbled, leading me to question the existence of a divine being in this world. While most of my biblical-scholar friends continue to hold different beliefs I felt compelled to take a different path. In this lecture, I delve into the reasons why...

Lecture 3: deconversion traumas

Emotional, Social, And Eschatological - Fears of the Afterlife!

Jesus Interrupted by Dr Bart Ehrman


Christian faith encompasses far more than a mere collection of beliefs about God, Christ, and salvation. It weaves a tapestry of significance and meaning that permeates every aspect of life—family, friendships, social activities, morality, personal motivations, decision-making, emotions, and much more. 

If the decision to leave one's faith has such a profound impact, touching every corner of one's being, is the transformation it brings truly worth the sacrifice?

The Triumph of Christianity by Dr Bart Ehrman


These haunting questions were further intensified by a deeply ingrained fear of hell that was the bedrock of my faith...

Initially, the idea of embracing agnosticism/atheism filled me with trepidation, and I questioned if it was truly worth it. What if I was mistaken? Would I be subjected to eternal torment?

However, I soon came to realize that despite enduring emotional and personal turmoil, life on the other side made the trials and tribulations worth it. In this lecture, I explain why!

Lecture 4: is there life after faith?

what agnosticism/atheism means for well-being

Bart Ehrman Courses


Can there be any purpose and meaning in life if there is no God? Most believers say the answer is absolutely no! Some atheists agree, even as they struggle with their lives.

For me, one of the greatest fears I faced while questioning my faith was the uncertainty of finding purpose beyond myself. My entire ethical framework was deeply rooted in my belief system. But as I contemplated the possibility that Christ might not be the son of God, or that God might not exist at all, a daunting question arose: Would I be left without any guidance for my life? Would I be adrift in a world of moral chaos and uncertainty?

Bart Ehrman Course I am not a Christian


How can there be meaning in a godless world? Without a divine purpose or destination, can we have goals, hopes, and aspirations? Would life become apathetic, devoid of meaning? Would we be consumed by despair and angst?

Once I embraced agnosticism/atheism, I discovered that my fears were unfounded. Contrary to expectations, life became more fulfilling, with a deeper sense of purpose and a heightened concern for others. I found greater happiness and contentment.

How is this possible? I hope you'll join me in this FREE lecture series and find out!

"Each person's life is unique, shaped by the choices they make about their thoughts, beliefs, and way of living. In my view, these decisions hold great importance and should be approached with thoughtful consideration, rather than mere unreflective acceptance.

My hope is not that this course will convince others to go where I have gone, but simply to follow the path I've been on, a life of thoughtful and earnest pursuit of meaning and purpose"

~Dr Bart Ehrman~

questions explored in this free course

  • What are the reasons that lead most people to become or remain Christian?
  • How do contradictions, discrepancies, and mistakes in the Bible impact the Christian faith? Can one be a good Christian without accepting the Bible as literally true?
  • Do the differences and changes in biblical manuscripts undermine the reliability of the Bible? Are they arguments against the truth of Christianity?
  • Is belief in the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus necessary for Christians? What are the beliefs of liberal Christians? 
  • Why did I leave evangelical Christianity? Can you be Christian without believing the literal doctrines of Christianity?
  • What are the common reasons why people leave the Christian faith? ?
  • Is the fear of hell a valid reason to stay Christian? Is it a legitimate concern?
  • Apart from doctrinal claims, what are the attractions of the Christian faith in terms of personal fulfillment and worldview?
  • Why is leaving the faith emotionally challenging and socially disruptive? Are these fears justified?
  • Can one lead a moral life without faith? Can meaning, purpose, and happiness exist in a life without God?

About Dr Bart Ehrman

Dr. Bart D. Ehrman has written or edited thirty-three books, including six New York Times bestsellers:  How Jesus Became God, Misquoting Jesus, God’s Problem, Jesus Interrupted, Forged, and The Triumph of Christianity.  Bart is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he has taught thousands of students and won numerous awards.

Bart's work has been featured in The New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, and Newsweek; he has appeared on National Geographic, CNN, the BBC, NBC's Dateline, the Discovery Channel, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Sam Harris Podcast, and many other top media outlets.

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The lectures were exactly what I hoped for - providing perspective, history and context to help understand the contradictions and confounding realities within these writings


Andrew Mark Henry - Religion for Breakfast

Andrew Mark Henry


"Dr. Ehrman is a respected scholar of early Christianity. This is a great opportunity to learn from him!"

Dianne Pittman


"Dr. Ehrman's ability to put complex academic issues into plain, understandable language is exceptional."

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Chuck Higgins


"It was impressive to learn what an objective approach can teach us! The course is a very professional production and a great value."

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"It was so interesting to hear about the criteria historical researchers use and impressive to learn what an objective approach can teach us! Who knew!! The course is a very professional production and a great value. More please!" Chuck Higgins

"Bart brings entirely new insights into the history, myths, and legends of Genesis. His scholarship is impeccable and he's just plain so much fun to listen to!" Karen Weiland

"I’ve been waiting for this one. We all thought Bart was a NT scholar but now we realize that one can’t fully understand the NT without understanding the OT. Dr E you have enlightened me again. Again, brilliantly made!" Bill Sutherland

"Dr. Ehrman is a fantastic lecturer. He is insightful, lucid, and clear in his objective of historical examination of Bible sources." Scott Cassingham

"When I saw Bart Ehrman was providing instruction on the origins of the Old Testament, I was excited to get his scholarly perspective. The lectures were exactly what I hoped for — providing perspective, history, and context to help understand the contradictions, and confounding realities within these writings." Stephen Fox

"This is my third course, and I can’t wait for more. These are informative and educational lectures providing insight into the Bible not opinions. Thank you." Michele Kemper

"Dr. Ehrman is most known as a New Testament scholar, but he's well-studied in the Old Testament as well. This course is full of great insights for believers and non-believers alike; but perhaps mostly for Christians who are less familiar with the Old Testament than they would like to be." Anthony Dominello

"Enjoyed it very much! Chris Huntley orchestrated it superbly, and Bart did his usual informative teaching job. Thanks again." Steve Sutter

"This was a very good course and it was very well presented. I have read a lot of Dr. Ehrman's books and as usual, his depth of knowledge of the topic is excellent and well prepared. This is a 10 out of 10 course!"
Mike C.

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