“Working with Dr. Ehrman to promote his webinars and online courses has been a perfect complement to my Youtube channel’s advertising earnings. Since I don’t have a book or course of my own, it’s been wonderful having something to offer my audience that I know they’re interested in.”  

Paul Ens, Paulogia

the problem:

If you're a scholar, organization, or influencer with an audience interested in the New Testament, early Christianity, or the historical Jesus, you may not have a product, or service to sell them - or you may only have one core offer (such as books) but don't have access to additional products that will interest your audience.  Perhaps you've even been approached by advertisers who want to promote unrelated services like website hosting or home security on your channel. Not exactly the perfect fit!

the opportunity:

Dr. Ehrman has webinars and online courses that your audience will love and will fit your content!  If you sign up as an "affiliate" for Bart Ehrman Professional Services, you can promote Dr. Erhman's offers and earn a percentage of all sales you help generate!  It's simple to sign up and start earning money.
Join notable influencers such as Michael Shermer and Paulogia.  Click here to apply.
Share Bart's courses with your audience. We have customized linking tools to ensure you get credit 
Earn up to 30% in affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases
The following are examples of some of Dr. Ehrman's courses you could promote:

“If you have an audience that’s interested in the Bible, particularly, people who come from the critical or skeptical position, you’d be crazy not to work with Bart to promote his offers. Bart is a world-class New Testament scholar whose name people instantly recognize and trust as an authority on the subject. It’s also simple to sign up and get started.”

Derek Lambert - MythVision

Derek Lambert

MythVision Podcast

"We work hard to bring scholarly information about the ancient world to our non-specialist audience, and Bart's courses do exactly that! Our audience is always interested in what he offers, and his courses complement our own content perfectly."

Megan Lewis - Digital Hammurabi

Megan Lewis

Digital Hammurabi

What is an "affiliate?"  How does it work?

Working as an affiliate marketer simply means you help promote a product or service (which you did not create) in exchange for a cut of the sale.  Your cut is known as an affiliate commission.  You don't have to close a sale or even have any clients.  You simply refer your audience and earn commissions!
Many reputable companies have affiliate programs such as Bluehost, Amazon, and Ebay.
When you sign up, you'll get a unique link to share to each of Dr. Ehrman's courses for which you are approved to promote.  By sharing your customized link, we are able to track sales to your recommendation.  You can see an example of a great affiliate pitch by our partner, Genetically Modified Skeptic, around the 1 minute mark in this video.

Who Is a good fit to be an affiliate?

The most successful affiliates have audiences interested in the New Testament, the Gospels, the writings of Paul, textual criticism, the rise of Christianity, life in 1st century Palestine, or the historical Jesus.  Bart's work attracts a wide variety of Christians, atheists, seekers, skeptics, as well as scholars and aspiring scholars.  If your audience is interested in the Bible for any reason, they'll likely enjoy Bart's courses!
Affiliates must also have an active, responsive audience and a way to reach them through such channels as Youtube, a podcast, Facebook page/group, Tiktok, Twitter, email list, blog, or a combination of the above.

Interviewing Dr. Ehrman

You may have seen an affiliate interviewing Bart while promoting one of his products. If you are accepted into the affiliate program, you may also have the chance to interview Bart. We typically schedule a few time slots for each course or event when Bart makes himself available for interviews and send the details to all of our affiliates. Time slots are limited and get filled on a first-come basis.

What Is the fine Print?

There are a handful of statements to which an affiliate must agree when signing up.  You can see the list here.


Please click the button below to apply.  Note that you'll be applying to our "The Bible and the Quran" course, although upon acceptance to our program, you will be approved to promote all of our courses.  Please also note that ThriveCart is our affiliate platform.  If you don't have a ThriveCart account already, the application will prompt you to create one.  Thank you!

We will contact you with further instructions if you are approved.  Thank you!