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Paul and Jesus: The Great Divide™

This course addresses one of the most controversial issues of early Christianity: Did Paul and Jesus have the same religion? Should they be considered the “co-founders” of Christianity?

Jesus and Paul New Course by Bart Ehrman

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Will You Be Left Behind? A History of The Rapture

Will You Be Left Behind - Online Course

Does the book of Revelation predict our future? Is it meant to? Does the book of Revelation ever mention the Rapture? Or the Antichrist? Or the coming Tribulation? Where do these idea come from?

Jesus The Secret Messiah™

Jesus The Secret Messiah Online Course by Bart Ehrman

Mark is at the same time the most brilliant AND most underrated Gospel of the New Testament. But, did Mark have first-hand knowledge of Jesus’ life or was he just makin’ stuff up? Explore the answer in this new course...

Finding Moses ™

Find Moses

Did the Exodus actually happen and was Moses a historical figure or religious myth? What does the archaeological and other evidence say...

The Other Virgin Births in Antiquity™

Other Virgin Births in Antiquity

Was Jesus of Nazareth the ONLY miracle-working Son of God to be born of a Virgin? What does an expert who has studied the ancient sources say?

The Unknown Gospels ™

The Unknown Gospels

A closer look at the Gospels from a scholarly perspective. How do we know when the Gospels were written? Why do scholars think Matthew and Luke copied Mark? And much more...

Did the Resurrection of Jesus Really Happen? 

Jesus Resurrection Debate

Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen? Enjoy this lively debate between Dr. Bart D. Ehrman and leading Christian apologist, Dr. Mike Licona on April 9th, 2022, on the topic of the resurrection.

In The Beginning™ - History, Legend, & Myth in Genesis

In the Beginning - Online Course by Dr Bart Ehrman

In Part One of Bart's new "How
Scholars Read the Bible" Series, dive into the stories of the first book of the Bible from a historical perspective.

Did Jesus Think He Was God?  - A Closer Look at the Evidence

Soon after Jesus’ death, his disciples claimed that he was God.  What did they mean by that? Was he the One and Only God, Yahweh?  Did he himself think so?


Did the Christmas Story Really Happen? 

We all know the stories of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, the Virgin birth, and the wisemen.

But what do historians actually know about the birth of Jesus? 

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Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Actually Write Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

The New Testament Gospels are anonymous.  So why did early Christians say they were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?  And what's the evidence that they actually did?

Did Matthew Mark Luke and John Write the Gospels


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Dr. Ehrman receives glowing reviews of his webinars and courses.  The Christmas course, for example, received a 9.2 out of 10 rating in our most recent survey with over 300 respondents.  You san see the results here.

Andrew Mark Henry - Religion for Breakfast

Andrew Mark Henry


"Dr. Ehrman is a respected scholar of early Christianity. This is a great opportunity to learn from him!"

Dianne Pittman


"Dr. Ehrman's ability to put complex academic issues into plain, understandable language is exceptional."

Bart Ehrman Testimonial

Chuck Higgins


"It was impressive to learn what an objective approach can teach us! The course is a very professional production and a great value."

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In the Beginning:  History, Legend, and Myth in Genesis

"Mesmerizing! Professor Ehrman's presentation and breadth of knowledge are astounding. I won't give away the best parts, but some of his insights are transformative. Whether you've never read the Bible or can read it in Hebrew, you're bound to expand your thinking." Stacey Morris

"It was so interesting to hear about the criteria historical researchers use and impressive to learn what an objective approach can teach us! Who knew!! The course is a very professional production and a great value. More please!" Chuck Higgins

"Bart brings entirely new insights into the history, myths, and legends of Genesis. His scholarship is impeccable and he's just plain so much fun to listen to!" Karen Weiland

"I’ve been waiting for this one. We all thought Bart was a NT scholar but now we realize that one can’t fully understand the NT without understanding the OT. Dr E you have enlightened me again. Again, brilliantly made!" Bill Sutherland

"Dr. Ehrman is a fantastic lecturer. He is insightful, lucid, and clear in his objective of historical examination of Bible sources." Scott Cassingham

"When I saw Bart Ehrman was providing instruction on the origins of the Old Testament, I was excited to get his scholarly perspective. The lectures were exactly what I hoped for — providing perspective, history, and context to help understand the contradictions, and confounding realities within these writings." Stephen Fox

"This is my third course, and I can’t wait for more. These are informative and educational lectures providing insight into the Bible not opinions. Thank you." Michele Kemper

"Dr. Ehrman is most known as a New Testament scholar, but he's well-studied in the Old Testament as well. This course is full of great insights for believers and non-believers alike; but perhaps mostly for Christians who are less familiar with the Old Testament than they would like to be." Anthony Dominello

"Enjoyed it very much! Chris Huntley orchestrated it superbly, and Bart did his usual informative teaching job. Thanks again." Steve Sutter

"This was a very good course and it was very well presented. I have read a lot of Dr. Ehrman's books and as usual, his depth of knowledge of the topic is excellent and well prepared. This is a 10 out of 10 course!" Mike C.

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Dr. Bart D. Ehrman has written or edited thirty-three books, including six New York Times bestsellers:  How Jesus Became God, Misquoting Jesus, God’s Problem, Jesus Interrupted, Forged, and The Triumph of Christianity.  Bart is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he has taught thousands of students and won numerous awards. 

Bart's work has been featured in The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Times Literary Supplement, the New Yorker, Time, and Newsweek; he has appeared on National Geographic, CNN, the BBC, NBC's Dateline, the Discovery Channel, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Sam Harris Podcast, and many other top media outlets. 

Since 2000 he has recorded nine courses for The Great Courses.


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