At Bart Ehrman Professional Services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most accurate information about the history and literature of early Christianity.  Bart himself does not produce these articles (and may not agree with their contents.)  But in order to ensure high quality, all of our content must meet the following strict guidelines.

  1. All content is written by well-qualified individuals
  2. All content is proof-read for accuracy & high quality
  3. All content must be related to Biblical studies, Jesus, or Christianity
  4. Commitment to critical historical analysis
  5. Content originality

Please feel free to click on any of the guidelines above to learn more about our standards or simply grab a coffee and commence scrolling!


You may be familiar with Youtube influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers talking about the Bible, Jesus, and early Chrisitianity.

Some of them are knowledgeable and/or passionate about these topics, but some simply do not have the requisite training and background to teach about these issues.

That's why why vet all of our writers thoroughly.  While we do not require our contributors to hold a PhD, we do require that they hold an MDiv or its equivalent.  For example, we may consider several years of experience working in this field as a suitable replacement for an MDiv.


It's imporant for readers to be able to trust the  information they read online.

When we provide information on Bartehrman.com, we are keenly aware of this responsibility, and we don't take it lightly.  That's why do all of the following when posting an article:

  • We quote, reference, and cite 3rd party expert sources
  • We check all of our articles for grammatical accuracy
  • We ensure all statitics or quotes are up-to-date and accurate
  • We try our best to provide clear and concise information related to the subject matter

Our goal is a great reading experience you can trust.  To that end, all our content is first written by a qualified contributor, then edited by our Director of Marketing, Chris Huntley.

#3 - ALL CONTENT MUST BE RELATED to bibilical studies, Jesus, or christianity

It probably goes without saying you won't find articles about politics, cute kittens, or how to repair your kitchen faucet on Bartehrman.com.  

Here are some of the topics we may discuss on this site:

  • The Historical Jesus
  • The Gnostic Gospels
  • How We Got the Bible
  • The Life and Writings of Paul
  • Who Wrote the Gospels?
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Greco-Roman Religions and Culture
  • Judaism in Jesus' Day
  • Forgery in Antiquity
  • Did Jesus Exist?
  • The Hebrew Bible
  • Women in Early Christianity
  • Early Christian Heresies
  • Christian Apocrypha


We are dedicated to approaching our content from a critical historical perspective rather than a religious standpoint. We believe in fostering a respectful and inclusive environment that welcomes diverse beliefs and backgrounds.

Our team consists of writers and editors with various backgrounds, ensuring a multi-faceted approach to the topics we explore. We strive to present information that is accessible and valuable to readers of all faiths or those without any religious affiliation.

Our aim is to facilitate discussions and delve into the historical aspects of subjects such as the life of Jesus, the New Testament books, and the rise of Christianity. By prioritizing critical analysis, we encourage an open exploration of these topics, inviting individuals with different beliefs to engage in meaningful conversations.

We are committed to maintaining a respectful stance toward all beliefs and religions, and our articles are designed to be informative and useful to a broad audience, including both Christians and non-Christians.


We believe in delivering original and valuable content that engages and informs our readers. Our team of dedicated professionals, including content managers, writers, and editors, ensures that each piece of content is carefully crafted to meet our high standards.

In our pursuit of excellence, we may at times leverage advanced tools and technologies to streamline fact-checking processes, enhance accuracy, and enrich the overall quality of our articles. We invest in innovative solutions that aid our team in research, analysis, and resource gathering.  However, we want to assure our readers that while we embrace technology, our content always reflects the expertise and insights of our experienced team. Our writers and editors bring their extensive knowledge, critical thinking, and meticulous research skills to each article. 

If you have any questions about our editorial standards, please visit our Contact Us page.