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Have you ever pictured yourself wandering through Jerusalem as it was in the days of Jesus – a city teeming with life and history? Or walking the streets of Sepphoris, the flourishing city near Nazareth, where Jesus himself might have often visited?  

Join renowned archaeologist, Jodi Magnus, for an enlightening journey through history, exploring the world where Jesus lived in "Archaeology in the Time of Jesus." 

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Jesus The Secret Messiah Online Course by Bart Ehrman

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Mark is the most brilliant AND most underrated Gospel of the New Testament with a sophisticated understanding of Jesus that is so nuanced most readers simply never see it!  

But, did Mark have first-hand knowledge of Jesus’ life?  If not, where did he learn his stories? How do we know he's not just makin' stuff up?  Find out in "Jesus the Secret Messiah: Revealing the Mysteries of the Gospel of Mark."

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Jesus Resurrection Debate

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The Apostle Paul says, "If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins."  

Bart Ehrman recently debated leading Christian apologist, Dr. Mike Licona on the topic of the resurrection.  With over 7 hours of debate materials, learn the best case for the resurrection, the sources of evidence, and if they are reliable in "Did the Resurrection of Jesus Really Happen?  Two Scholars Debate the Evidence."  

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