The Apostolic Fathers, I, I Clement.
II Clement. Ignatius. Polycarp. Didache

By Bart D. Ehrman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Publication Date: December 2003
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0674996070
ISBN-13: 978-0674996076
Format: Hardcover, 494pp
Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches
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Product Description

The writings of the Apostolic Fathers give a rich and diverse picture of Christian life and thought in the period immediately after New Testament times. Some of them were accorded almost Scriptural authority in the early Church. This new Loeb Classical Library® edition of these essential texts reflects current idiom and the latest scholarship.

Here are the Letters of Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, among the most famous documents of early Christianity; these letters, addressing core theological questions, were written to a half dozen different congregations while Ignatius was en route to Rome as a prisoner, condemned to die in the wild-beast arena. Also in this collection is a letter to the Philippian church by Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna and friend of Ignatius, as well as an account of Polycarp’s martyrdom. There are several kinds of texts in the Apostolic Fathers collection, representing different religious outlooks. The manual called the Didache sets forth precepts for religious instruction, worship, and ministry. The Epistle of Barnabas searches the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible, for testimony in support of Christianity and against Judaism. Probably the most widely read in the early Christian centuries was The Shepherd of Hermas, a book of revelations that develops a doctrine of repentance.


Ehrman’s new Loeb Library edition of The Apostolic Fathers (a title unknown before the 17th century) presents a scholarly edition, with a lively translation, of Christian writings that circulated before the Biblical canon was established. –Tom D’Evelyn (Christian Science Monitor 20031223)

Bart Ehrman’s new text and translation of the Apostolic Fathers in the Loeb Classical Library® series is an excellent example of solid scholarship presented in an accessible and engaging manner…Ehrman’s general introduction contains a helpful bibliography, and is complemented by lively and accessible introductions to each individual text…This is a fine introduction to some important texts, and a worthy successor to the edition of Kirsopp Lake that it now supersedes. –Andrew Gregory (Themelios )

The Apostolic Fathers is a greatly needed and valuable contribution to the field of early Christian literature. The outlined contemporary discussions will enhance one’s understanding not only of the texts but of the current methodology and views regarding the reading of the works. The two volumes are highly recommended for graduate students and scholars. –Despina Prassas (New England Classical Journal )